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Live WEdding Painting

Paint my big day!

You've spent months—if not years—planning your dream wedding, now it's time to capture the magic of your day in a way that’s unique and captivating.

Imagine how great it would feel to transform your wedding into a living canvas of emotion!

Traditional photography captures moments, but my focus is to capture emotions.

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of feelings, and my live wedding painting service ensures you can relive them vividly.

you're tired of second-guessing whether your wedding will be a carbon copy of every other one:

"Am I settling?"

"Is my wedding dull?"

"Is my special day just ordinary?"

"Am I missing out on something amazing?"

Listen, I get it. You're already nearing the point of pulling out all of your hair trying to balance everything else on your plate—if you have to figure out something creative for your wedding for ONE more thing, you may have to elope!

Ready to be recognized as the couple that redefines tradition?

As an experienced artist, I seamlessly become part of your wedding day, capturing the moments as they unfold while simultaneously being a crucial part of your wedding entertainment.

At the heart of it all, weddings are profound, emotional experiences that deserve to be treasured for a lifetime. Live wedding painting is your portal to remembering the day while also reliving the emotions, the laughter, and the love.

Live wedding painting adds a touch of individuality that sets your wedding apart from the ordinary.

So you can finally feel confident and
say goodbye to the mundane and hello to the extraordinary!

I want my wedding painted!

Transform your Wedding Memories

Introducing E Stokes Creations:

Revolutionize the way you relive your special day with our live wedding painting experience,
perfect for couples like you who want to cherish every emotion.

Capture the emotions of the biggest day of your life and cherish the memories of your love story on canvas.
Experience the enchantment that is live wedding painting by E Stokes Creations.

Let’s break it down. What are the benefits?

  • You will have a custom-painted masterpiece that beautifully captures the unique essence of your wedding day, preserving it for generations to come.

  • This painting will become a cherished family heirloom, an artistic legacy that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren, sharing the magic of your love story.

  • Beyond the artwork, you'll forever cherish the memories of watching your wedding come to life through the eyes of an artist, adding an extra layer of sentiment to your day.

  • You'll remember the unique experience of having a live wedding painter, making your celebration stand out as a one-of-a-kind event.

  • Having an even deeper emotional connection to your wedding day, and ability to relive the joy, love, and laughter each time you gaze upon the artwork.

Created just for couples like you that are looking to add a touch of enchantment
to their wedding day.

Here’s how we will turn your wedding into a living work of art.

Up to Seven Hours of Onsite Painting

As your wedding painter, I arrive approximately two hours prior to your wedding ceremony start-time in order to get settled into the perfect spot and get prepared for painting. I begin my work and continue painting throughout both the ceremony and reception, engaging with guests to provide an exciting form of entertainment to all!

Custom Painted Canvas

in the size of your choice to allow you to plan for the absolute perfect location in your home.

In-Studio Finishing as Needed

so that any extra details are finished perfectly.

Professionally Varnished

to ensure that your heirloom is protected to last a lifetime!

The first step is to schedule a consultation. During this initial conversation, we'll get to know each other, discuss your vision for your wedding painting, and explore how it can beautifully capture your special day.

i. diving in

ii. preparation

iii. experience

In the second step, we'll focus on the preparations before your wedding day. This includes me taking time to plan the painting, select key moments, and ensure everything is in place to make your live painting experience truly exceptional.

Step into the spotlight on your wedding day! While you celebrate with your loved ones, I'll be there to entertain your guests and create a stunning live painting that captures the essence and emotions of your special day. It's a unique and unforgettable addition to your wedding experience!

Your Love Story, Masterfully Preserved:
The Ultimate Wedding Keepsake

take me to the next step!

“I truly wish we could rate Elyse higher than 5/5 because she was so amazing! Great communication, amazing finished product, and she created our favorite memory from our wedding! It was cool to watch her paint throughout our ceremony and reception! She even surprised us and included our dog in the painting!! We received SO many compliments on how talented Elyse is! She finished the painting quickly and the shipping packaging was super high quality. We can’t wait to show off our painting forever! I would 1000% recommend her to ANYONE wanting any kind of live wedding painting or other wedding must haves! She is the best in the game!!!”

— lex

what have you got to lose?

By NOT investing in the expertise and creative vision of E Stokes Creations, you are going to miss out on a personalized and artistic touch that will elevate your wedding memories to a whole new level.

Don't let your most significant day slip away without this extraordinary touch.

The emotional essence of the biggest day of your life will not be preserved as deeply and uniquely as it could be.

Traditional photography may capture the basics, but it can often fall a bit short in conveying the depth of feelings and the unique atmosphere of your wedding.

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the investment to work with

each live wedding painting package includes:

You can get the wedding painting of your dreams starting at an investment of $1800 for an 16”x20” canvas.

For weddings that take place more than two hours away from Woodstock, Georgia, an additional travel and accommodation fee will be added.

  • Up to 7 hours of onsite painting

  • Custom-painted canvas in the size of your choice

  • Wedding couple painted in scene of choice

  • In-studio finishing as needed to ensure perfection

  • Professionally varnished for longevity

Investing in live wedding painting ensures that your wedding day becomes an artistic masterpiece instead of fading to just a memory.

My personalized approach captures your emotions and a unique moment from your special day, creating a lasting impression.

By choosing E Stokes Creations for live wedding painting, you're not just investing in art;
you're investing in an heirloom and an unforgettable wedding experience.

I'm ready to work together!

as seen in...

“Having Elyse there added something different to the wedding, and entertainment for guests as they enjoyed watching her work. We will forever cherish our painting, and having it in our home is a constant reminder of one of the most special days in our lives. Now that we have a baby, and expecting another, I am so glad we have that as they will be able to see it as well. It was also very special because Elyse found a way to include my late father in the wedding by adding the cardinal in the painting. Knowing that my dad wasn’t there was very hard for me, and her painting made me feel as if he was there.”

“We will forever cherish our painting.”

- andrea

“I wanted something that could preserve our wedding day with more love than just a picture. Facial details and the inclusion of the background details were so important to me. I really wanted our painting to look as much like us as possible (which Elyse did perfectly)! Elyse saved the day! One of the major components of our wedding was having a live painter. I didn’t tell anyone we were having one, so it was a big surprise! Elyse captured the fine details. She took the time to get to know me before the wedding. I feel like we became friends before we even met! I told her about our dog, Ruby, and Elyse surprised us on our wedding day by including her in our painting! Elyse was so sweet and genuine. She truly cared that we had an amazing day and got the wedding painting we had dreamed of! Our painting will be passed down as a family heirloom. I can’t wait to look back and see this painting with my grandchildren one day! E Stokes Creations will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations for your wedding painting. She takes the time to get to know you so she can include every detail in your painting. She is amazing at communicating.”

"Our painting will be passed down as a family heirloom."

- lex

“Elyse was an amazing part of our Indian wedding, when we requested her to capture our wedding ceremony she made sure she understood our vision. She is so easy to work with and aligned with our planner to make sure she had the right time and placement to capture our special day! We were so excited to see our final piece and share it with our family and friends via thank you cards also made by Elyse!
Elyse was a great addition to our wedding day and an exciting part for us and our guests to watch!”

“Elyse was a great addition to our wedding day and an exciting part for us and our guests to watch!”

- priyancka

praise from previous live wedding painting clients


I understand the pressure that comes with choosing your wedding invitations. That's why I'm committed to perfection. With three proofing rounds, we'll fine-tune every detail, ensuring your invitations are flawless. From concept to mail-out, I'm by your side, making sure you are completely satisfied, just like the couples I've served and delighted before. So go ahead, enjoy that mimosa – your happiness is our promise.

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Crafting exquisite wedding art is more than a profession for me; it's a passion that began with my own journey down the aisle. When I couldn't find invitations that truly reflected my love story, I decided to create my own. That transformative experience ignited my love for wedding stationery and the joy of serving couples during such a special chapter of their lives.

With over five years of dedicated expertise in wedding art and a lifetime of honing my personal artistry, I'm here to ensure your wedding stationery reflects your unique love story, just as it should! Trust me to bring all of your dream invites to life, so you can focus on what truly matters – celebrating your fairytale love gearing up for your wedding day!
+ You cherish the idea of a custom wedding painting that captures your unique love story.

+ You value a personalized design, attention to detail, and the power of creativity to make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

+ You want to have an innovative type of entertainment at your wedding.

+ You appreciate the use of high-quality materials in every aspect of your wedding.

+ You are looking for a work of art that reflects your style and love story.

+ You want to work with someone that is as invested in creating beautiful art for your wedding as you are.

you're the Painter for me!


You found me because you're dreaming of a live wedding painting that's as unique as your love story.

You want your wedding day to be an absolutely extraordinary experience, one that captures the essence of your love, your personalities, and the unforgettable moments shared with your guests. 

You're looking for more than just entertainment; you want an artist who will turn your special day into a timeless masterpiece.

And sure, you could try other avenues to achieve this dream, like relying on traditional forms of entertainment or settling only for standard wedding photography that might miss the depth of emotions and unique details you hold dear.

But does that sound like the way you want to remember your dream wedding?

i should think not!

E Stokes Creations offers you the most
efficient, beautiful, and FUN path to
your dream wedding painting.

instead, consider this:

With years of expertise and a passion for creating personalized, high-quality artwork, I am your go-to partner and professional bestie ready to transform your wedding day into a captivating work of art that exceeds your expectations.

If you're serious about having a live wedding painting that truly shines, it's time to take action and secure your spot on my design calendar before my schedule fills up.

Your dream wedding painting is just a click away, and i can't wait to bring it to life for you.

Please paint my big day!


streamline your wedding preparations with a comprehensive guide detailing how bespoke stationery and live wedding painting can add the perfect artistic touch to your special day.

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